St. Crux Pharma, s.r.o.

Who we are?

We are a Slovak company that has decided to help people who wants to have a healthy lifestyle, stay fit and most importantly, get value for money. That’s why we have worked hard on our LIPOPROTECT product and the result was amazing.


Because we have proved and prove every day that as people with families we are preparing top products for maintaining the health and healthy lifestyle of our children, us, but also maintaining the health of our parents. We do not play for perfection, but we try to walk it bit by bit and improve the quality of our lives, mainly with our LIPOPROTECT products, which contribute to our health and especially which are produced with the latest technology, which we have brought to you too.

Value for money was the most important parameter that we have considered significant. Therefore, our vitamins and nutritional supplements such as collagen, magnesium or even iron are absorbed into your body almost completely. And that is why our products have high value at a low price.

Because up to 95% of the content is absorbed compared to conventional forms such as tablets or capsules, we are significantly better off.

Imagine a 1000 mg tablet that absorbs about 20% of your vitamin C content, which is about 200 mg of pure vitamin C. To reach a 100% absorption level, you would need to consume up to 5 tablets. So if e.g. the 30-tablet pack costs € 7, – you should have it for about 6 days, which means that 1 day would cost you € 1,166. One month would then cost you 35 €.

In contrast, LIPOPROTECT is absorbed almost completely (95%) and a monthly dose of 250 ml, which represents one package will cost you only € 20.90. So you just saved € 15 and in addition you do not consume additives.

Congratulations on your right decision!

Milan and Robert

Clinical solutions

We are a long-term manufacturer of clinical solutions, which we are supplying mainly to Slovak hospitals and pharmacies. We are rewarded with Good Manufacturing Practices certification received from State institute for drug control.

Highly effective disinfection

In 2020 we have launched the production of a highly effective disinfectant, which is extremely gentle on human skin thanks to our recipe.

Virus certificate (COVID 19)

We were the first in Slovakia to be rewarded with a certificate of effectiveness against the COVID 19 virus and other viruses. The certificate was awarded to us by the company - the Medical Institute based in Ostrava - the Center of Clinical Laboratories.

Certificate against bacteria

We hold a certificate from Eurofins for bactericidal, fungicidal effects.