HYG-DEZ St. Crux 200ml

HYG-DEZ St. Crux 200ml

5.79 s DPH

Hand disinfection

  • highly effective disinfection against viruses and bacteria
  • produced according to the recipe of the World Health Organization WHo
  • disinfection suitable for use
  • product registered in the ADC code list
  • Description and designation
  • Use
Description and designation

Hygiene – disinfectant solution with menthol. A biocidal product that is used for personal hygiene.

The primary purpose of the application is to disinfect hands against bacteria and viruses. It is always applied to the hands when encountering a risk of contamination. After use or contact with objects in public areas at risk of contamination (toilet handles, hospital equipment, ambulances, handrails on trains, buses, trams and public transport and in public areas, etc.)


It is applied on the skin of the hands and left for at least 20 seconds. After application, the hands are allowed to dry freely.
The product may dry out the skin of the hands, so it is recommended to use a suitable protective cream after disinfection.

Note: Read the instructions for use before use! Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. Do not smoke.

Lecithin from sunflowers
30x higher bioavailability
No preservatives
Lactose free
No soy
Gluten free
No sweeteners
No flavor enhancer
Not suitable for pregnant women
Not suitable for children